h2sierra00 Delta2Alpha H2Sierra Folding Knife

Innovative self-defense blade.

armytek02 ArmyTek Predator Pro Flashlight

Excellent full-sized tactical torch.

cane04-lowres Charles Davis Tactical Combat Master Cane

PC-friendly walking stick weapon.

sogshovel01 SOG Entrenching Tool (from Base Camp Echo)

A folding shovel that won’t fail to, uh, shove.


Dirk Pinkerton Claw XLRT

Wicked fighting blade has kerambit-like pedigree.


Survival Sheath Systems Bayonet Holster

Yet another reason to shop with Survival Sheath Systems.


SOG Folding Saw (From Base Camp Echo)

Makes cutting small limbs and trees easy.


The Talon Knife

Controversial, effective personal blade.

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